• [Cell Press] A polar-bear-inspired material for heat insulation

    For polar bears, the insulation provided by their fat, skin, and fur is a matter of survival in the frigid Arctic. For engineers, polar bear hair is a dream template for synthetic materials that might lock in heat just as well as the natural version. Now, materials scientists in China have developed such an insulator, reproducing the structure of individual polar bear hairs while scaling toward a material composed of many hairs for real-world applications in the architecture and aerospace sector

    A polar bear inspired scientists to develop a new heat insulation material./Image by: CUI Jie
  • NEL-SLIP Wins 2018 Best Paper Award of IEEE Signal Processing Society
    [2019-06-19] The team of the National Engineering Laboratory of Speech and Language Information Processing won a 2018 IEEE Signal Processing Society Best Paper Award.
  • Commemorating May Fourth: Live Interviews Show Spirit of Current College Students
    [2019-06-17] The Library Volunteer Group organized a live interview for commemoration of the 100th anniversary of May Fourth Movement.
  • Doctoral Candidate Won the Best Poster Award in 2019 POLY-CHAR
    [2019-06-14] SHI Yuchen, a Ph.D. candidate won the Best Poster Award of 2019 awarded by the POLY-CHAR World Forum Scientific Committee.
  • AI Predicts the "Optical Fingerprint" of Protein
    [2019-06-12] Prof. JIANG Jun cooperated with Prof. LUO Yi, and Prof. Shaul Mukamel predicted the ultraviolet spectra of peptide bonds, and revealed the structure descriptors and stru...
  • Natural Diatomite Templating Hierarchical Solid State Li Metal Anodes with High Performanc...
    [2019-06-07] A research team led by Prof. YAO HongBin and Prof. YU Shuhong demonstrated a stable, dendritic free, and hierarchically structured Li metal composite anode derived from n...
  • Launch Again! USTC Restarts Archaeological Excavation in Iran
    [2019-06-05] Early on 1 June, the “Silk Road” archaeological team of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) held a meeting in the school of Humanities on preparation f...
  • Dancing on Pine Needle Tip
    [2019-06-03] Prof. SONG Li and Prof. JIANG Jun used platinum metal with the best catalytic effect to design a pin-point catalyst with "pine-ball structure".
  • [SCIENCE CHINA PRESS]Electric-Field-Controlled Superconductor-Ferromagnetic Insulator Transition
    [2019-05-30] Group at University of Science and Technology of China observed an electric-field controlled reversible transition from superconductor to ferromagnetic insulator, offerin...
  • USTC Achieves New Progress in MSI Methodology
    [2019-05-27] New technology for mass spectrometry imaging developed by USTC researchers, with a high sensitivity imaging of various polar and non-polar components.
  • The Opening Ceremony of Graduation Commemoration Activities
    [2019-05-24] Always be a USTCer and See You -- On May 19th, the opening ceremony of Graduation Commemoration Activities of University of Science and Technology of China were held on t...
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  • A Design Strategy Towards Oxygen Electrocatalysts

    6-24 15:30 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Recommended Practices for Measuring Oxygen Electrocatalysts

    6-21 10:00, Environment and Resources Building 939

    Towards a Predictive Theory of Strongly Correlated Electron Materials

    6-18 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Hidden bulk phases revealed by Broken Symmetry at a Surface

    6-17 10:40 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Decisive Role of Interlayer Ionic Couplings for the Electronic Properties of 2D ...

    6-12 ROOM 9004, Hefei National Laboratory Building

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